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GMP-compatible Methods for producing tissue-engineered human heart muscle from stem cells

Heart tissue engineering using stem cells is a recently developed technique to construct a three dimensional cell structure from cardiomyocytes or directly from progenitor cells. Scientists at the University of Göttingen developed two new and fully defined methods for serum-free production of engineered human heart muscles. Details

Drug Delivery Vehicle/Plattform into brain

Scientists of the University of Göttingen developed a novel vehicle for the targeted delivery of drugs into the brain parenchyma, particularly useful for the delivery of biologics, like e.g. proteins or antibodies. Details

LICE ERASER - reliably killing of head-lice and their nits

The LICE-ERASER kills the head-lice and their nits reliably and without any side effects. To use, the LICE-ERASER has to be moved through the hair like a hair-brush. The LICE-ERASER produces a cold plasma generated between the comb tooths, which kills the head-lice and their nits. This procedure is completely free of pain, the user will not feel anything. Details

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