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Ecological house construction: panels and walls-made of popcorn

Göttingen, 12.07.2022

Foto-BioC-2138-SUG-SmarterHabitat-PaneeleAffordable housing made from environmeltalally friendly and CO2-neutral building material: scientists at the University of Göttingen have developed a process for producing panels from hemp, flax and popcorn granules.                                          Photo: Udo Schmidt/Smarter Habitat

MBM ScienceBridge today announced the succesful negotiation and execution of an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement between the University of Göttingen and the company Smarter Habitat.

Sustainable building is a key international issue in view of the shortage of housing, rising construction prices and the high levels of air pollution caused by cement production and the construction industry. Especially in drywall construction, the use of plasterboard dominates with all its disadvantages: dirt during installation, problems with moisture, no possibility of recycling and costly disposal as construction waste.

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Insulation using popcorn

Göttingen, 24.11.2021

MBM ScienceBridge GmbH today announced the successful negotiation and execution of a license agreement between the University of Göttingen and the Bachl group of companies. Popcorn Platte

Good exterior insulation reduces heating costs, which means lower CO2 emissions. Nowadays, sustainable natural insulation materials are already available for the interiors of buildings. But what does sustainability really mean? It means the material should be environmentally friendly and made from renewable raw materials, it must have good thermal insulation and fire protection, and it must be easy to recycle at the end of its useful life. The research group of Professor Kharazipour at the University of Göttingen has long been researching manufacturing processes for products made of popcorn that are sustainable and efficient. After the successful negotiation by MBM ScienceBridge a license agreement with the Bachl Group has now been signed for the commercial use of the process and the products for building insulation.

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University Medical Center Göttingen and Immunic Sign License Agreement Covering the Combination of DHODH Inhibitors and Nucleoside Analogues to Treat Viral Infections, Including COVID-19

Göttingen/New York, September 22, 2021

Preclinical Combination Data Suggests Extraordinary Synergy Between Certain DHODH Inhibitors and Nucleoside Analogues

MBM ScienceBridge GmbH today announced the successful negotiation and execution of a license agreement with the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) and Immunic, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of selective oral immunology therapies focused on treating chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The exclusive license covers the combination of DHODH inhibitors and nucleoside analogues to treat viral infections (COVID-19 and Influenza).

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University of Göttingen and Archroma develop new method for treating wood

Göttingen 20.09.2021

MBM Science Bridge GmbH successfully negotiated an agreement comprising the licensing of a novel technology for wood modification, which enables the transfer of this inventive technology from basic science into industry.

Wood scientists at the University of Göttingen, together with the Swiss company Archroma, a global specialty chemicals company, have developed a new method for turning affordable and ecologically friendly wood from European forests into high-quality, fire-resistant construction timber. Until now, European softwood and hardwood could either be structurally modified to have physical and biological properties similar to tropical hardwood, or it could be treated with chemicals to become fire resistant, where the chemicals would leach out of the wood by contact with water or weather. The structurally modified wood in most cases cannot be used in construction as a structural or cladding element due to strict fire safety regulations, and the hardwood is not suitable for outdoor use. This situation looks set to change thanks to this new method which will, in the future, be exclusively marketed worldwide by Archroma.

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