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Lice Eraser

The LICE-ERASER kills the head-lice and their nits reliably and without any side effects. To use, the LICE-ERASER has to be moved through the hair like a hair-brush. The LICE-ERASER produces a cold plasma, generated between the comb tooths, which kills the head-lice and their nits. This procedure is completely free of pain, the user will not feel anything.


About 370 million children worldwide and about one million children in Germany are infested with head-lice per year. In Germany at least every second child is infested by head-lice once. Currently, the use of shampoos with different chemical substances are the common practice. But this products often have substantial side effects and a lot of head-lice species are building resistance to these pesticides. Other methods, such as silicones, oils or electrical combs are not as effective as current pesticides and thus are not recommended by health organizations. Therefore, an alternative method is urgently needed to effectively eliminate hair-lice and their nits without using pesticides.

Our Solution

The LICE-ERASER is an electrical device, which produces a cold plasma generated between the comb tooths. The plasma is also produced near the scalp where most of the nits are living. The plasma kills the head-lice and their nits reliably and effectively. For best results, the LICE-ERASER should be used daily (for about 30 seconds) for a period of 14 days. This way, reinfection will be avoided. The LICE-ERASER is also suited for long or curly hair. The use is completely free of pain and safe. There are no known side effects, because the plasma immediately reacts to different harmless products. The main products of the plasma are oxygen radicals. The device runs with normal or rechargeable batteries.


  • easy to handle

  • for every hair type
  • no allergic reaction
  • no aggressive chemicals
  • absolutely reliable
  • multi-applicable
  • affordable for everybody


The LICE-ERASER is suited for effectively killing head-lice and their nits. A further development has been achieved for applying on pets such as dogs to effectively kill ticks.

Developmental Status

The inventors developed prototypes which have successfully been tested against lice (including nits) and mites.

Patent Status

A European patent has been granted and validated in Germany (DE), France (FR), Great Britain (GB), Ireland (IE), Spain (ES), Italy (IT), Austria (AT), Switzerland (CH), Luxembourg (LU) and Belgium (BE) (Patent holder: HAWK University of Applied Science and Arts - Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen, Germany).


Dr. Stefan Uhle
Patent Manager
E-Mail: suhle(at)
Tel.: +49 551 30724 154
Reference: MM-1471-HAWK

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