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Göttingen, 04.10.2019

Göttingen Tissue Engineering enables drug screening thanks to new production methods

MBM ScienceBridge GmbH has successfully negotiated an extension of the existing license agreement between the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Stiftung Öffentlichen Rechts, Universitätsmedizin (UMG) and the Göttingen-based biotech company Tissue Systems Holding GmbH on the extended commercial use of culturing methods for standardized production of human micro tissues and stem cell-based cells. The technologies are based on the scientific achievements in the field of stem cell based tissue engineering and laboratory automation of the research team led by Prof. Dr. Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann, Director of the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University Medical Center of Göttingen. The extended exclusive license agreement provides for one-time payments and, in addition to sales-related license fees, an annual minimum license fee.
Nowadays, search for suitable drug candidates and risk assessments are mainly carried out using cell cultures and animal models. However, these models have limited significance for the human organism. The lack of organ physiologiology and functional maturity in standard cell cultures is a challenge that needs to be overcome. "The key to drug development are models based on tissue engineering with functional properties that are characteristic for health and disease. The platforms developed at UMG are aimed at the highest degree of functional maturation. They enable detailed impact analyses and a rational dosage strategy for early clinical studies", says Prof. Zimmermann.

Tissue Systems Holding GmbH is a biotech company founded in 2012, which owns and commercializes technologies in the field of tissue engineering particularly in cardiology. The Göttingen-based sister company Myriamed GmbH ( is the operative arm and commercializes these technologies as a service provider for drug and toxicity screenings.

The University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) brings together the Medical Faculty and the University Clinic under one roof. It focuses on research on socially important diseases. These research areas are intended to provide a transfer from basic research to clinical practice. The UMG is the only maximum care hospital in southern Lower Saxony and is involved in three clinical and research areas: neurosciences, cardiovascular diseases and oncology. Since 2003 UMG and University of Göttingen have been University of Göttingen public law foundation. The UMG is also the largest employer in the region in southern Lower Saxony.

MBM ScienceBridge GmbH is a fully owned technology transfer organization by the University of Göttingen and acts on behalf of nine research institutions in Lower Saxony as a technology transfer interface to companies around the world. The IP portfolio managed by MBM ScienceBridge covers innovation in the areas of Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Forestry and Medical Technologies.

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